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    Mount Holyoke alum Jen Gieseking, an academic feminist, examines lesbian identity in public places.

    A quote from the story: "My work is inspired by a life that often blurs gender and sexuality, as well as geography and psychology. I studied geography in college, which happened to be a women's college, Mount Holyoke College. Even then I was keen on understanding how the physical and social campus sustained and produced a sense of community that so many students and alumnae extolled. In other words, how and why does space matter? How are we produced by and how do we produce space?"

    Read the story on Salon:
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    Connie Converse x1946 was outspoken, brave and wildly independent. It surprised no one when Connie matriculated at her mother and grandmother's alma mater, Mount Holyoke. But nobody could believe it when she dropped out. She moved to Greenwich Village and poured herself into her music. She had some brief fame, including a chance to play a few tunes on Walter Cronkite's "CBS Morning Show" in 1954. But she never made it big. In the summer of 1974, just before her 50th birthday, she left some letters for her family and friends, packed up her car and drove away. It was the last time anyone in her family ever saw or heard from her. In 2010, the last surviving member of her family, her brother, spoke about her to The Awl, a New York City-based website. He never knew her to have a suitor, and he doesn't know if she was a lesbian, although it's something he's consider more and more as time has passed.

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    Naomi Goldberg, 29, is an LGBT movement and policy researcher for the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), a think tank that works to speed equality for LGBT people. She's also a collaborator in the longest-running longitudinal study of children raised by lesbian parents.

    Naomi has co-authored reports and articles about LGBT issues such as parenting, domestic violence, community-building and progress toward LGBT equality. She volunteers with the Mount Holyoke Club of Chicago and Limmud Chicago, a Jewish learning conference. Naomi recently married her long-time girlfriend, Libby.

    Did you know? Naomi has lived in eight of the 21 cities on AutoStraddle's Most Lesbionic Cities.

    Read about all the people honored:

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    Topcuoglu lives in London with her wife and three-year old son. She is a member of Mount Holyoke College’s LGBT alumnae group called Lyon’s Pride. “We have an annual fund for students whose education has been interrupted because they came out to their parents,” she said, “and now we are expanding the scope by funding a new internship vehicle for students who want to pursue an unpaid internship to give back to the LGBT community.”

    Read full article here:

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    Stories of Transgender People and LGBT Elders Sought

    Northampton, MA – The Sexual Minorities Archives, a national collection of LGBT literature, history, and art located in Northampton, Massachusetts, is launching two oral history projects this May expected to last for a period of one year.Trans Stories: Breaking the Silence will document the experiences of diverse transgender and gender non-conforming people, while LGBT Elders Speak Out will collect the life stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals ages 55 and older who live in Western Massachusetts.
    “The lives of our LGBT people, our relationships and families, and our work with groups and organizations often go undocumented and unstudied,” said Bet Power, Executive Director of the Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation, Inc. and Director/Curator of the Sexual Minorities Archives (SMA). “Whether an LGBT person has been part of a major event or community organization or has stories to tell about everyday life, the mission of the SMA is to record, preserve, and make accessible the historical narratives of our lives. We can help shape a queer people’s history of information that is too often omitted from mainstream libraries and academic archives,” he said.
    Hampshire College student interns Brittni Hayes and Samuel Belmonte will conduct the oral history interviews at the Sexual Minorities Archives in Northampton or in participants’ homes. Participants will receive a copy of their interview transcript and videotape, and may specify the level of privacy or accessibility they wish for their interview as it is added to the media collection at the SMA.
    Everyone who is trans, gender non-conforming or LGB-identified is invited to participate. For more information about the oral history programs at the Sexual Minorities Archives, please email Brittni Hayes regarding Trans Stories: Breaking the Silence or Samuel Belmonte regarding LGBT Elders Speak Out at: or call Bet Power at (413)584-7616.
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    Filmaker and VCU professor Sonali Gulati


    "Sonali is quickly becoming a rising star in the world of independent films," said Joseph H. Seipel, dean of the VCU School of the Arts.

    Filmmaker Sonali Gulati [Mount Holyoke class of 1996] can only guess at what her mother would have said about her being a lesbian and having a baby with her partner, Geeta Jhaveri.

    Her mother, Sushma Gulati, died in 1997. Gulati, in her award-winning 2011 film "I Am," examines what it is like to be gay in India, where she was born, and to come out to parents in a country where until 2009 same-sex unions were a criminal offense.

    As the film opens, Gulati wonders about the words she might have used to come out to her mother. Would she have said she wasn't interested in men, or would she have said, "I'm in love with a woman"?

    The phrasing is important. Like the title of her film, the "I" statement implies that it is simply enough to be who one is.

    Read the rest of the article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
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    Danielle Steinmann is the Alumnae Association’s new sr. director of programs and reunion. Danielle is a Wellesley alumna who brings a wealth of experience in teaching, program development in the art and museum fields, and volunteer management - including serving as a volunteer and board member herself. She is a warm, extroverted, highly energetic and creative person who will provide a good complement to our staff. She lived in New York City for many years, and has spent much of the last decade living in the Berkshires so she has a blend of both major metropolis and small town/rural community experience. Over the years, Danielle has been involved in the development and implementation of numerous programs ranging in size from intimate to large, gala events.

    Danielle started with the Alumnae Association on April 10, and will be responsible for overseeing all of the programming staff, including Maya D’Costa, Joni Haas Zubi, Alaina Donohue, Luisa Tavares, and Danielle Lund. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Danielle with questions or concerns. She can be reached at or 413-538-2652.
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    President Lynn Pasquerella announced today that Diane Anci, the College's Dean of Admission for the past 14 years, will become Mount Holyoke's new Vice President for Enrollment. 

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    Five College Certificate in Queer and Sexuality Studies Now Available to Students at Mount Holyoke, Smith, and Hampshire Colleges

    Spearheaded by the UMass Stonewall Center and Five College faculty, this new certificate enables students at Mount Holyoke, Smith, and Hampshire Colleges
    who are taking courses in queer and sexuality studies to have this coursework recognized (we hope to have the certificate available to Amherst
    College students beginning this summer and to UMass students in the next school year). For requirements, go to For Fall 2012 courses that will count toward the certificate, go to

    For more information, contact Stonewall Center Director Genny Beemyn:
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    Bessy Reyna (class of 1970 and Lyon's Pride member) is a versatile poet born in Cuba and raised in Panama, whose deeply personal work reaches readers in both Spanish and English. Learn about her approach to the written and spoken word, and how she'd influenced the dynamic poetry scene in Connecticut.

    Watch the episode here:
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