Astronomer, 1975

Choragos, Thursday, October 2, 1975


Anniversary in loneliness

Sept. 19, 1975

I'm going to write this only once; it's too wet for fires. It sounds ironic not to want anyone to see this, but everyone. But typewritten. I don't want anyone to know. I'm a lesbian.

This is my anniversary in loneliness. Two years ago, on a Friday, on a rainy Friday like this one, I told an Amherst man (something else which strikes me funny at this time), the reason I had acted strange for two years. I was strange, I am gay. It took me two years and two hours in a deluge of rain and tears to tell him, to tell anyone. We wiped our bodies and our tears with a towel; he threw in the towel, and now Friday nights have been lonely since then. My cats receive a lot of attention on these nights, and my records are played to the bone.

This is my anniversary, and I have no one to celebrate with, because this is my anniversary. What I want to know is how many others on the MHC campus are lesbians. I look for you in the night; we are like stars. They can't be seen during the day, but I know they're there.

You can do with this what you like. I would like you to print this. I don't want to submit my name at this time; frankly, I'm very frightened of what would happen to my status as a student (and person) on this campus. I hope this will generate a response. I doubt that it will be a favorable one, I really doubt it. Depending on the response, I may or may not write another article.

If you want to get in touch with me, write to the Astronomer in the Bulletin Board. Also perhaps a survey can be made to determine the number of gay people on the campus. If there does prove to be a sizeable number some kind of facility might be set up for us.

It seems that we're the only school in the Valley which does not recognize that some women really love each other.


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