Alumnae Quarterly, Fall 2004

Living History

I'm enamored of Jean Hastings Lovejoy's letter to the Alumnae Quarterly (summer), not only because of her supportive words for Lyon's Pride, but because she told us a story about her grandmother Mary Ballantine, class of 1855.

Mary had four daughters who attended Mount Holyoke, and between them they had seven daughters who attended Mount Holyoke. I stopped researching the family with Jean Hastings because the biographical directory I was using was published in 1937, only two years after Jean graduated. But I'll wager there were many more Mount Holyoke women from her family since then.

Why was I researching the Ballantines? I have an autograph album compiled by Rosina Willis, class of 1856. Mary Ballantine signed it in 1854. And she even included a line of what I assume is Hindi, since she knew she was heading to India soon to be a teacher.

And I hold that autograph album in my hand, and marvel that her granddaughter is still alive 150 years later to write about her in the Alumnae Quarterly.

Thank you for writing your letter, Jean. You made my day.

Donna Albino '83
East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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