Alumnae Quarterly Letters

The Mount Holyoke College Lesbian Alumnae Network (MHCLAN) began in 1986 with a letter to the Alumnae Quarterly that set off and unprecedented firestorm of letters, which finally had to be cut off by the editors.

Spring 1980

This was the first seed: a letter asking for women to be honest in their class notes about their lives.

Summer 1980

Backlash, and response from the editor of the Quarterly.

Winter 1982

A similar letter from another alumna, asking the Alumnae Association to change "husband" to "companion" on reunion forms.

Fall 1986

Inspired by the publication Lesbian Connection and meeting another alumna at Boston's Gay Pride march in June, Donna Albino '83 made the attempt to start the Lesbian Alumnae Network.

Winter 1987


Spring 1987

Responses to the backlash letter.

Summer 1987

More responses.

Fall 1987

One more response; maybe it would have been the end of the dialog, but this issue also included an interview with the Dean of Students, and a relevant portion of that interview is reprinted here.

Spring 1988

Backlash from the Dean of Students interview, and a comment from the editor of the Quarterly.

Summer 1988

Responses, and a statement from the editor of the Quarterly that this is the end of it.

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