Astronomer, 1975

Choragos, Thursday, February 12, 1976

Whizzer & Her Pal Susie Straightedge

by Beth Epstein

Panel 1: Whizzer Buschbumper clinks a spoon on a glass at dinner and says, "Can I have everybody's attention for a minute?"

Panel 2: Whizzer continues, "Tonight, in the living room, members of the gay support group will hold a workshop on dealing with feelings about lesbianism. Please come and talk and ask any questions you might have."

Panel 3: Susie Straightedge asks, "How come you're running this, Whizzer?"

Panel 4: Whizzer and Susie look at each other silently.

Panel 5: Whizzer holds her hand up to her mouth and whispers conspiratorially, "Because I'm articulate."

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