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March 12, 1987

"Time to get serious"


It is time to get serious. NO competition for ANY of the SGA Executive positions? It was a deplorable situation. Why bother voting? (Come to think of it 46 percent of us did not.)

We would like to applaud those who did run - at least there are a few students who did accept the unique challenge Mount Holyoke offers its students. Because this is a college for women, if anything is going to get done, it has got to be done by women. Ordinarily, this affords the women here the chance to gain some confidence in themselves by taking control of their community. Lately, however, it seems as though the vast majority is assuming that the campus will run itself. This is just not possible. It is time for everyone to reevaluate what it is they are doing here and at least think about taking advantage of the many leadership opportunities available.

Perhaps something else should be reevaluated. This is the SGA as it is now organized. Why is it that there are so few people interested in running for office? Why is it that there was such obvious discontent during this election that two of the candidates were defeated? Also, why does it seem like many of the legislature representatives are unaware of their own power and unwilling to utilize it? Does the SGA truly represent student interests, as hard as they may and do try? Only one thing can be said. It is the responsibility of each and every student to revitalize or restructure the SGA or any other organization when necessary.

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