Alumnae Quarterly, Spring 1980

Husbands, Lovers, and Life Companions

When I received my first notice of a reunion at Mount Holyoke I was delighted as well as concerned. After reading the registration card which says, "Does husband hope to attend?" and "Does husband plan to attend?" I suddenly saw the long road ahead to fifty years hence when the little card will still inquire after husbands rather than lovers or life companions.

I am one of the many alumnae who feel quite joyful at the thought of never marrying, and who would like to write of her companion or lover in the class notes (husband is no different), and who might like to bring her or him to reunion. I am speaking for those of us who are lesbian, who are single with close friends, and who live with a man but not in wedlock. I am sure there are many happily single women who see that card or who read the overwhelmingly marriage-oriented class notes and who wonder when Mount Holyoke will acknowledge that there are "significant others" besides husbands.

It is incumbent on us as alumnae to change the tone of things. Therefore my note on my return card said that I plan to be at reunion, and my companion plans to be there as well.

I invite my sisters to join me in writing honest class notes (as honest as is comfortable and appropriate). I don't want to have to wait until reunion to know how you wonderful "single" women really are.

Marla Ruth Allisan '78
Allston, Massachusetts

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