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November 6, 1986: Editorial: "Feminism: once it united us, now it divides us"

November 13, 1986: Letters to the editor in response.

November 20, 1986: "SGA delves into bills, vandalism" and more letters, including the "blue D" proposal.

December 11, 1986: "Lesbian struggle ongoing," "Queer quarrels with community," and more letters.

March 12, 1987: "Time to get serious" - it may not seem like this has anything to do with the lesbian struggles on campus, but it ties into the next entry in this archive.

April 9, 1987: "Thinking the Unthinkable," and more letters.

April 16, 1987: "Cause for action," and more letters.

April 23, 1987: More letters to the editor.

April 30, 1987: "Dispelling disinformation," and more letters.

May 7, 1987: More letters to the editor.

October 1, 1987: Letters to the editor.

October 8, 1987: Letters to the editor.

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