Alumnae Quarterly, Summer 1980

Bad Advertisement?

I am totally shaken by the spring Quarterly as an advertisement for Mount Holyoke.

With articles extolling abortion as "safe" (unsaid, 100 percent unsafe for innocent unborn children) and amniocentesis and genetic counseling (otherwise known as search-and-destroy missions for unborn who don't measure up) and requests for lesbian and live-in lovers to be invited to reunions and for a lesbian class newsletter, I had to remind myself that indeed I was reading an MHC publication and not propaganda from the National Organization for Women or Planned Parenthood.

Do these attitudes have the approval of the College? Or, at the very least, has the Quarterly become a mouth piece for the anti-life, immoral "sacred cows" of the women's movement?

I thought Mount Holyoke taught us to be creative, problem-conquering women - women who would never solve problems by killing innocent human life, demand perfection of their children as a prerequisite for life, nor see the "new morality" as anything other than "old immorality."

All I can say is, let me know because I am involved in recruiting in my area and I will not encourage bright, idealistic girls to become brainwashed in an atmosphere which condones or promotes such thought.

Susannah Fischbach Seidensticker '62
Chillicothe, Ohio

Editor's note: The writer may wish to note the little paragraph which appears on the contents page in each issue of the Quarterly. It says "All ideas expressed in the Quarterly are those of the authors or the editors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of either the Alumnae Association or the College." Believing in the importance of the freedom of the press, and in the necessity of being aware of all points of view on an issue, the editors, while always keeping discretion in mind, regard the Quarterly as a forum of expression of the range of opinions and perspectives within the College community.

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