President: Our representative at Alumnae Council. Attends reunion gatherings, coordinates online chats, serves as our contact with True Colors and other LGBT campus groups, and maintains Twitter feed. Donna Albino '83,

Vice President: Performs the duties of the president, in case of her absence or inability to act. Writes press releases. May also be backup person for the secretary. Sherry Quirk '76,

Secretary: Maintains the web site membership list for all members of Lyon's Pride and LAN, manages the Lyon's Pride discussion group on the Alumnae Association web site, participates in offices' discussions, produces minutes of official board meetings, and keeps a record of all voting in elections and appointment of officers. Gabrielle Rodriguez Gonzalez '21,

Treasurer: Collects dues, has custody of all funds and disbursement of funds; keeps account of all receipts and disbursements and makes a report annually to Alumnae Association. Anne Belanger '68,

Lyon's Pride Webmaster: Responsible for buying the domain name and getting it hosted, keeping the contents of the website up to date, owns the email announcements/discussion list. Melinda Spong '90,

Lyon's Pride Newsletter Coordinator: Gathers the news from members, assembles the newsletter, sends it to the webmaster to post on the website, at least twice a year. Maintains Facebook page. Stephanie Rohr '12, Devora Rohr '11,

Lyon's Legacy Fund (Jolene Fund) Coordinator: Write thank-you notes to donors, organize fundraising events or encourage others to do so, gives reports to the board and membership, work with VP to make press releases about big donations, use of the fund, or other noteworthy events Donna Albino '83

News & Events Editor: Collects and posts notices of upcoming events and relevant news items of interest to Lyon's Pride members. Donna Albino '83

Officers-at-large: Join in conference calls and online discussion with the other MHLP officers; offer help on projects as needed. Krysia Villon '96, Bev Harrison '65

All the officers receive mail sent to:

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