Mount Holyoke News 1996-1997


September 26, 1996: Is there gay discrimination on campus? Gay students sound off

October 3, 1996: "Asian Space"

October 10, 1996: "LBA celebrates coming out" and letter to the editor

October 24, 1996: "LBA forum prompts dialogue," an editorial column, and letters to the editor

October 31, 1996: "My own life reflected"

November 7, 1996: "Need-sensitive admissions recommended"

November 21, 1996: "300 rally against homophobia" and "Somewhere under the rainbow"

December 5, 1996: Asian American studies discussed: Students, faculty call for curricular representation

December 12, 1996: "The Pride Rally": Letter to the editors

February 6, 1997: Concerned alum on fin-aid

February 13, 1997: "LBA space discussed with Creighton"

February 20, 1997: "Cultural space: Is history repeating itself?" and an editorial

March 6, 1997: "Queer space argued, commitment sought" - Presidential Task Force on Lesbian, gay and Bisexual Issues presents request today and an Editorial

March 13, 1997: "Fighting for a space of their own" - Spotlight on Mount Holyoke's lesbian and bisexual support system

April 10, 1997: "College chaplains replaced by Dean of Chapel" and "Transgender panel"

April 17, 1997: Students present adminstration with demands; the administration's reponse

April 24, 1997: The student take-over of Mary Lyon Hall

May 1, 1997: The aftermath: "Suspensions revoked," "Students discuss allocation of cultural space," ""Working toward unity," and letters to the editor

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