Call for submissions: 2nd annual MHC Gender and Sexuality Zine

15 Oct 2014 10:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

MHC student Melina Baron-Deutsch is putting together a collaborative zine about identity in relation to gender and sexuality at MHC and would really appreciate your input.

What's a zine? "Zines are cheaply made printed forms of expression on any subject. They are like mini-magazines or home-made comic books about favorite bands, funny stories, sub-cultures, personal collections, comix anthologies, diary entries, pathetic report cards, chain restaurants, and anything else."  

- from Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? by Mark Todd and Ether Pearl Watson

What to submit:
Any Mount Holyoke student, past or present, is welcomed to submit to this zine about campus identities related to gender and sexuality. Your submission may include a mini-essay, a comic, a piece of art, a collage, a doodle,poetry, random written thoughts or any other visual form of self-expression in relation to gender and sexuality.

Submissions would ideally be a half-size of a normal sheet of print paper--please use pen so it's dark enough to print and keep in mind that about a centimeter of the margins may be cut off due to printing.

Some possible prompts include: Is there anything inherently "feminist" about attending a women's college? How do the intersections of your race and/or class effect your gender and/or sexuality? Do you practice consent? Why or why not? How? Do you think "queer privilege" exists on our campus? Does your performance of gender and sexuality ever conflict with how you identify? How does identity (in)visibility on campus manifest in your perspective? Do gender roles fit into your dating life? If so, how? How do you relate to your gender, sexuality, race, class and/or ability at Mount Holyoke compared to at home? What would your ideal porn be like? How does class effect queerness?

How to submit:
Send your submissions to
for questions/concerns/comments, please contact Melina at
**Please indicate whether or not you would like to have your name included next to your submission**
This will be organized, assembled, and distributed before Thanksgiving break!

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