(DC) Outlaw Human Gene Patents: An Evening with Breast Cancer Action

  • 15 Apr 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Washington DC
Sue Silber, Nancy Polikoff, JoAnn Loulan, and Joan E. Biren [Lyon's Pride member, class of 1966] invite you to join us in outlawing gene patenting.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the landmark case challenging Myriad Genetics’ right to patent human genes on April 15th. Myriad Genetics currently owns a patent on the "breast cancer genes” BRCA 1 and 2. Corporate ownership of our genes harms women’s health and blocks progress on breast cancer research. And the test is thousands of dollars and often not covered by insurance, blocking many women from finding out what they need to know about their own bodies. This is an historic case and the first time the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue of human gene patenting. BCAction is the only breast cancer organization that is a plaintiff in this lawsuit challenging a corporation’s right to patent our genes. I'll be at the Court with my sign in the morning!

Join us that evening for a special chance to get the inside scoop about the case and what happened during the oral arguments from Sandra Park, ACLU Senior Staff Attorney, Women’s Rights Project and Karuna Jaggar, Breast Cancer Action’ s Executive Director. Learn what they’re doing to stop this biotech company from blocking breast cancer research, setting exorbitant prices for genetic testing, and harming women’s health. And help support this important fight.

April 15th 7-9pm

Eatonville Restaurant - Enjoy Dessert and Drinks
2121 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

$50 per person- Reserve your ticket today!

Be sure to bring your friends for this special opportunity to meet with the women's health activists leading the charge against human gene patents and we hope you’ll be inspired to support the work of Breast Cancer Action at the end of the evening.

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